Generator Can’t Start? Read These Tips!

February 10, 2017

First, if the generator does not generate electricity, voltage can’t reach 220V?generator adjust engine speed
1, Try adjust governor rod to increase the engine speed, if the voltage can reach 220V, may be fuel is not enough, add gasoline or diesel fuel the problem can be solved.


generator adjust avr voltage
2, Adjust the gasoline generator AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator), remove it and use straight screwdriver to adjust the voltage to 220v. If the AVR burnout, it must change.


Second, the gasoline generator can not start?generator check spark plug
1, The main reason for gasoline generators can not start is check the spark plug ignition or not, chang the spark plug if it didn’t work. After this if it still can not start, need to check the high voltage set and the motor.


diesel generator check fuel pump
2, For diesel generator, maybe the oil nozzle and oil pump is dirty, remove and clean them the problem can be solved.


generator check oils
3, The oils is not good(oil impure or water mixed) or the fuel in the fuel tank and the oil in the engine is not use for a long time(more than three months), change the high stand or new fuel and oil.


generator engine cylinder score

4, Gasoline or diese engine cylinder score, this is big problem, need to open the cylinder and check the spare parts inside one by one.


Third, the generator instable voltage and noise is big?generator check muffler
After the generator start, instable voltage maybe the AVR is damage, change it. Noise getting higher maybe muffer connector is broken, need change it.


Fourth, the electric start diesel generators start method.
1, Add the diesel fuel in the fuel tank and add the oil in the engine;
2, Connect the electric cord between the electric motor and the battery;
3, Use key to start the generator.


Fifth, the useful life of the generator.
Bison generator can use for a very long time, the most important is change the engine oil, 20 hours(or one month) after first-time use the generator, change the oil immediately. Every 100 hours(or six months), change the oil immediately.(It’s need increase the times in harsh environment, choose SAE100W30 stand oil, API level SG, SH, SJ or higher).This is one in a series of informational fact sheets highlighting BISON program, policies or standards. It does not impose any new compliance requirements. For a comprehensive list of compliance requirements of BISON standards or regulations. This information will be made available to sensory impaired individuals upon request. BISON voice phone: +86-576-88205202 +86-13989606956, more info please see: