Generator Maintenance You Should Know

January 18, 2017

1.Generator Routine Maintenance
The following checks should be made before each use of the generator, to ensure safe operation of the generator.
1. Check the gasoline fuel in the fuel tank is adequate or not.
2. Check fuel leakage of the fuel switch and fuel hose.
3. Check the oil level is between the oil gauge.
4. Check the oil quality, make sure the oil need change or not.
5. Check battery voltage is above 12V, and check the battery has any damage or leakage.
6. If the generator didn’t use for a long time (especially more than a month), the battery will loss of capacity because of the battery self-discharge, please use another power to charge the battery.
Scheduled Maintenance (very important)
You must use the Bison original accessory, or no warranty.
Maintenance should be operate by professionals.

2.Change the oil
(1) Put the generator on a flat ground and start the engine for few minutes to raise its oil temperature, then stop the engine;
(2) Take out the oil gauge,then pour-out the oil in any container;
(3) Add the new oil to the top of the oil gauge position.
(1) 20 hours(or one month) after first-time use the generator,change the oil immediately;
(2) Every 100 hours (or six months), change the oil immediately. (It’s need increase the times in harsh environment, choose SAE10W30 standard oil, API level SG, SH, SJ or higher)

3.Air filter maintenance
Clean the air filter every 50 hours (or three months), it’s need increase times under heavy duty or even change.
(1) Remove the air cleaner cover and filter element.
(2) Use detergent clean the filter element and then make it dry.
(3) Replace the filter element into the air filter.
Don’t wrest the sponge, this will damage it.

Do not start the generator when the air cleaner is not installed, as this will produce excessive amounts of poison gas and wear the cylinder.

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