About us

We are BISON.
We make high pressure washer, generator bolder

Taizhou Bison Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the produce and export of machinery products such as generator, high pressure washer, water pump, engine.

Bison is a top-notch machinery professional manufacturer and exporter of generators,engines, high pressure washer such as gasoline pressure washer 3000psi which are used in fields like Industrial, Automotive, Home application and Garden .

As a growing team, machinery goods provider, we continually provide a wide range of products to maintain our leadership in the market.

Involved in the machinery products are:
1.High Pressure Washer
1). Gasoline Pressure Washer
2). Diesel Pressure Washer
3). Electric Pressure Washer
2. Generator
1). Gasoline Generator
2). Diesel Generator
3). Inverter Generator
3. Engine
1). Gasoline Engine
2). Diesel Engine
4. Water Pump
1). Gasoline Water Pump
2). Diesel Water Pump.

Tradition &

Established in the early 21st century, we take pride in the consistent and exceptional quality of our machines.

Our mission is to build the most innovative high pressure washer and generators, providing you with the reliability in your daily operations. We offer you two years guarantees the best quality.